Welcome to Fitness with Fia!

My name is Sophia, my passion is to help people become the best version of themselves in the most realistic way possible. Whether your goal is to find a healthier lifestyle, become leaner, or get stronger, I want to customize a personal plan to help you conquer your goals and become the strongest version of you!




Why choose online training?

My primary focus is to help you feel your best. I want each person that joins my training program to become the most confident, strongest and healthiest versions of themselves.

You should show up to the gym for yourself and your workouts should be working for you. With my online coaching, you will not only receive the benefits provided by an in-person coach. But you will also receive   24/7   contact support from me, a nutrition plan, structural macronutrients, visual progress tracking, accountability while being on your own time, and guidance to help you feel your best at all times of the day.

During your journey with me, I will ensure that you are not only staying on track and striving to be your best but that you are also loving the process at the same time!




My fitness journey

My journey to a better lifestyle began in 2019. I spent most of my life being uncomfortable in my body. I was much overweight, I had a horrible relationship with food and I overall was unhappy with my way of life. During my senior year of high school, I became employed at a gym, which in the end brought me to living a better lifestyle. This same year, October of 2019, I was involved in an accident that altered my world and is the reason I knew it was time to make a change for myself.  I finally picked up weights and with lots of trial and error, I began my journey. I started discovering a good relationship with nutrition, I fell in love with the gym, and transformed the individual I was not only physically but also mentally. The feeling I had when I started making progress, seeing results, and hitting my goals are all things I want to help as many individuals as I can help feel today.